Everything you need to start accepting cryptocurrency payments

Add your online business, organization, or application into the growing list of cryptocurrency and blockchain users. No programming needed. Get started in 10 minutes.

Direct to your wallet

Payments by customers go straight to your wallet. By doing this, we are fulfilling the decentralized spirit of cryptocurrency while simultaneously providing a powerful toolkit for users.

screen about wallets and sending them whereever

Uses HD wallets

Hierarchical deterministic wallets, specified under BIP 32, let you generate an infinite amount of addresses from just one xPub key.

Low monthly fees

Unlike other payment processors, which withhold payments from you directly, we charge low processing fees at the end of every month.

No AML/KYC needed

Because we don't touch any of your money, we can bypass the AML/KYC regulations, leading to a more efficient, safer alternative.

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API-first architecture

Running at the core of the Blocktonium ecosystem is a RESTful API that users take advantage of for creating payments, getting payment data.

Fast and responsive

Speed is core to our system, and Blocktonium is built on a codebase that user

Manage everything

You can your account remotely without detour, since virtually

Easy to use

Our endpoint URIs are straightforward, and the API's design conforms to REST design patterns.


With such a feature-packed API, it’s quite easy to automate tasks and functions.

Experiment with cutting edge features

Adopting new technologies is a key feature of our platform. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are fields where new innovations are happening, and Blocktonium wants users to be able to take advantage of those innovations.

Beta mode allows you to enable and test a diverse range of bleeding edge features.

Deep learning makes sure that payment experience isn't sacrificed for security.

A dozen currencies not supported in the general release are supported in beta mode.

Wrapper libraries Libraries that wrap around the API make requests to the API fully integrated.

Release cycles for testing and implementing new features are well-defined and recurrent.

Community submissions drive our team in adding and considering new features to Blocktonium.

Secure to the core

Vectors mean scalability. Sketch’s Vector shapes easily adapt to changing styles, sizes and layouts, allowing you to avoid a lot of painful hand-tweaking.

  • Zero stored funds help make sure that no compromise of our servers will result in customer money getting stolen
  • Encrypted data ensures that data is always secure and private in the case of a data breach.
  • Two factor authentication enables users to have peace of mind in their accounts.

Fully-Integrated with your platform

Implementing Blocktonium in your web application is simple and straightforward. Whether you are a developer or a merchant, cryptocurrency wallets are very easy.

API wrapper libraries

Developers can communicate with the Blocktonium API much easier by using our wrapper libraries, developed for a variety of languages and platforms.

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Ecommerce plugins

For users of shopping cart and ecommerce platforms, accepting cryptocurrency payments through Blocktonium is a code-free, yet powerful, experience.

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